Agua Azul

Again in Chiapas, to be honest, I believe that from all the places of Mexico, Chiapas is the best one. Because it is a place that gives you everything, you don’t need more. And an amazing place from there is Agua Azul (blue water).

There are waterfalls but also a natural swimming pool surrounded by trees. The water is cold and it has rocks but you get used to it and you don’t want to go out of it. The best time to go it is spring-summer, when the water is as his name says; blue. A very pretty tone of blue, so fresh that makes you want to take off your clothes and swim.

Agua Azul
Agua Azul

I’ve been there many times, but I have camp just twice. And it is the best thing to do there. Camping in Agua Azul is special. You sleep listening to the flow of the water. The first time I camp was when I was a kid, with my sister, my dad and my dad’s friend with his family. We didn’t bring the complete tent so we ended sleeping at the tent of his friend that luckily it was big with two “rooms”. The next day, we woke up and went for a swim, I remember that the rocks were bothering me and it was difficult to get in the water. There is an small waterfall and we liked to jump from there. I went really small but I remember it was fun, and I remember the food. My dad’s friend suddenly took out pans and cooking stuff and started to cook paella. It was delicious. A camping with paella, I don’t think it is popular. It should be. Now, the second time we went camping was with friends and I was al ready in college. It rained on us that time and a friend of mine woke up all wet because the water entered the tent. In the night we ate cookies and beer and played a game of cards just to get wasted. That night we didn’t got drunk… we leave that to San Cristobal.


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