Does anyone remember the laughter? Querétaro.

Post made almost a year ago (24 February 2013).

I moved to Querétaro when I turned 18 years old. I went to study and it was when I tasted what it was like to lived alone. With all their advantages and disadvantages. I remember that the first year that I lived there I felt like a tourist. I liked not knowing where I could eat, or the name of the streets. With the time I learned, and then Querétaro became normal. I stopped feeling the pleasure of getting lost in the city. I wasn’t a tourist anymore. I lived there. I think that it is a cool city to live.  It has things from a big city but the static beauty of a small one, so you have two things in one. Variety.

What I like the most is the downtown of the city. With his colonial streets and a group of old people dancing danzón in front of the kiosk. His bars. Yes, an area full of bars and coffee shops perfect for a friday night. La biznaga with his vigilante faun and his orgasmic milkshakes. Now, one of my favorites bars, it is “La Encrucijada“, perfect to listen music and drink some beers. The first time I went there it was like three years ago, and the band played Baba O’Riley and Mr. Jones and every time I listen to them it makes me go back to Querétaro and his Encrucijada.  It takes me back to Alma singing and I remember Querétaro for what it was. The truth is that with the time this city -for me- has changed. maybe because I change, the point is that it doesn’t feel like it was before. It doesn’t have that somethings that makes me want to be there and walk their downtown streets, buy an ice-cream and sit in the bench. The people is not the same as well, their world is different, like mine, at the end anything can stay the same for ever. Maybe it is for the best, maybe I needed this empathy so everything was easier. My way … my escape.

“Take my hand, We’ll travel south cross land, Put out the fire and don’t look past my shoulder” – Baba O’Riley.

From my favorites memories I think there are the parties, those where you dance in a tiny place with people next to you wanting the same; to feel alive. I have never be faithful to the clubs, at least not the ones that abound in Mexico, those where you spend a lot of money and if you are not dress properly they do not let you in. Those where people aren’t even dancing, they just subtly move their bodies with their hand stuck in a glass with vodka. There was a time I like them and I went, but -at least in Querétaro- I have always prefer a house party. They are more personal, more intimate, and because of that, it’s more fun. A friend of mine that was a DJ used to do some solemn parties, a room was made into a club and it was full of people, alcohol and more things that made you have fun with yourself. You dressed without caring, a t-shirt, some make-up and flats, that was it, you didn’t have to prepare too much and you could meet people and had a real conversation or even a stupid one, it depends in the person and the moment.

Querétaro downtown
Querétaro downtown

I also like the proximity with other cities. Querétaro is at the center of México so it is very easy to get out of it. Guanajuato, Ciudad de México, San Miguel, Tequisquiapan, Bernal, San Luis and and a little further away but well worth: Xilitla.

In Querétaro I met a lot of people, and well, we all know that meeting different personalities gives you more substance, experiences and it helps you to know more about life and even yourself, because it makes you open yourself to other possibilities and stories and ultimately -even if you live in the same city-, different people equals different worlds. And Querétaro gave me a lot of worlds. Worlds from the same city and worlds from other countries. That is… different cultures: more possibilities, more stories. And it was a great time. Five years of bliss, five years of laughter, concerns, beginnings, five years in which I matured, changed, of making mistakes that led me to where I am now, writing a blog, that I am sure only my cousin and I read while watching “Almost Famous” with an infernal heat. But this blog… it is what it is under my bed…

and it will set me free.


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