Palenque, Chiapas

I have gone to Paleque in several occasions, and every time I see something different. It is famous thanks to the ruins. Fifteen minutes by car from the city. Around 40 minutes by foot, and I have to admit that even the fact that every time I had go by car, you kind of like the idea of walking (when the weather is not too bad), it is a little road surrounded by big tress that gives you a nice shade. There are two entries, the main one is closer to the ruins. But I prefer the other one, because even though you walk more, it is totally worth it. You feel you just enter another world, another era, and if you are lucky there won’t be many tourists and you will be alone in the middle of a beastly jungle that hugs you.  After walking a little, you can see the ruins behind a curtain of leaves. You arrive and you see it; the Mayan city.


There is a palace, temples and a lot of stairs. At the back, somewhat far from the main temples, in a small hill there are more little temples. And you cannot go to the mayan city without going up there, because that is the place to be! You will have the best view and the best sensation. When I climb the temple “Templo de la Cruz”, I when to the back of it and sat for a moment. What you have in front of you is the jungle, nothing more and you don’t need more. You listen to the wind whispering and the shrieking of the monkeys at the distance. Staying there, sitting down, watching how small personas moves below you, below that pyramid that is older than yourself, your father and grandfather together, how those persons take pictures and watch what you are watching but with other perspective. Listen, watching, smelling.

The smell of Palenque is different, maybe it is because most of the times I go there is a little drizzle that do not makes it cold or scares you and make you go buy an umbrella. It refresh you. A friendly rain that makes you feel fresh, even with the smell.


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