Riviera Maya

I wrote this post on July 2013:


I always say it and I will keep on saying it, the sea at Riviera Maya is the most beautiful. 

Y por enésima vez mis ojos vieron Cancún.

And for the umpteenth time my eyes saw Cancún. 

With his eternal red flag that makes the wave to push you hard. In the night you can see the reflect of the moon in the sea and the sea turtles come closer to lay eggs. This year I finally saw them. 


Many people think that Cancún has lost his mexican flavor, and yes, also I think that. It still has it but very hidden, Cancún is more… international. But it is still a great place. 


This year we also went to Mahahual. To rest from Cancún madness and prices but without losing the sea. 

My mom wanted to visit Mahahual so we went. All the family in two vans, we embark to see this place that everybody nowadays talks about. It is really chill, but for some it can be the perfect paradise. The beach has less waves but you can eat lobsters next to the sea and in a reasonable price. 


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