San Cristobal, Chiapas

My favorite city. I have gone so many times, and I always find something new. The cool thing is that it is so small but yet there are a lot of things to do. To see. I think that most of the time that I have gone there were good because I could escape. To think and just be.

I like the streets with his coffee shops, bars and families. I like his park and his houses of thousands of colors and years. I like that when it rains the paved floor has a killer brightness. I like that the atmosphere is so mexican and so international at the same time. I like to walk his streets and see the people, lots of them. And listen to music so alien to this country but that is worth to listen. A jazz or a blues from improvised instruments, and, Why not? also a little of rock in a bar painted in green. Go from bar to bar, without fear and dace salsa with free shots from the nearby table. Show the ass to the cars that are driving through. Eat a lot. Laugh more. Go to the market and buy things that are worth a lot but the price is so little. Appreciate. Smile. Learn. Watch the churches, pray in them. See dances so old like life itself. Loose a friend and find him two hours later eating tacos in a table full of strangers. Enjoy. Wake up. That is my San Cristobal.

San Cristobal
San Cristobal
San Cristobal church
San Cristobal church

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