The cave of Swallows… Xilitla part 2.

At night -after the Tamul waterfall- we arrived to a town, have dinner and try to find a place to stay near the Cave of Swallows. At the end, after thinking in camping in the downtown plaza, a sir took us to a little land of a friend of him. We trusted him and camped there.


The Cave of Swallows is basically a big hole, a very deep cave (according to this it is 330 meters deep) where every morning thousands of swallows go out like crazy, making a spiral. They fly away and come back when the sun is hiding.

There is a legend of this Cave… Supposedly, long time ago, when the spanish didn’t even come to America, the cave was a very big cenote that had the holy waters of death. There, the Huastecos made sacrifices and threw maidens for the Gods. The legend says that they once threw one called Calmalli, it was the last sacrifice. The Gods got angry with the Huatecos because they were being too arrogant so they didn’t accept the sacrifice, immediately the cenote (the water of death) dried and it started to be a bad period for the Huatecos… plagues that weaken the people and after that the spanish came. One day from the big hole a lot of snakes got out of it and killed the spanish. It is said it was Calmalli, defending her people. After the victory the snakes got together and became swallows, and since then they dance every morning in a spiral to see the sun.


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