The water that makes you cough

I have gone a lot of times to the sea. When I was little I used to go at least one time to the Riviera Maya a year. I remember I didn’t like the sea. I hated that the sand was too hot and it made my feet burn and I had to hop till I could reach the water. I hated when the waves destroyed my sand castle and pushed me to a different place. But what I hated the most about the sea was that itch in my eyes because of the salt. I couldn’t swim, the waves always won and every time I had to end up going out the sea with a defeated faced, red eyes and sand in the ass. I sat at the shore and saw my dad hunting the waves and swim through them like a shark. I remembered I wished to swim like him, to swim so swiftly it look so easy. The years passed and I kept going to the sea. I don’t remember exactly when it was when my hate to that salty water changed and today I love swimming in the sea and hunt those waves that years ago seemed to be full of life and with a single mission: destroy me. 

The sea I have liked the most to swim in is the one in Cancún, maybe because his characteristics or perhaps it is pure nostalgic, anyway… the sand is so soft and delicate, the water is warm and with waves big enough and wild enough to not believe you are in a plate, those waves that play with you and you have fun with them. There are not much seaweed and weird stuff swimming next to you, and you won’t get itchy… and if you manage to get away from the surf zone, and you stay there floating, you can feel the sky.


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