Villahermosa, Tabasco (Yeah like the sauce).

Villahermosa in -literal- english translation is “Beautiful Villa”. Anyway, I have a lot of friends that have live here all their life and when they have the chance they go away with no plans to turning back. But one of them once told me that he would like to come back because it is beautiful. At the time that got me thinking. I used to say shits about my city that was my home because it was too small, too boring, with so many social craps that can pollute your soul, for me… Villahermosa was too much nothing. But now my views had change ( I am still thinking on going somewhere else but it is not because of the city). It is not Paris but Villahermosa has a lot of things to offer and that many people seems to love. First, it is the characteristic that it is green. I like to run, and I have never run in a place full of life like here. You breathe trees and there will always be something that makes you want to keep running. It has rivers that go through the city making it lively. Some friends from France once came here and they just wanted to go to the river to see crocodiles (one thing that foreigners like about). Other cool thing about Villahermosa is the food, I can gain lots of kilos here because the food is delicious.

Villahermosa river
Villahermosa river

Now, as a tourist attraction there is the La Venta museum. What I like about it is that it is located in a part of the city that has some buildings, houses and streets but as soon as you enter to this museum you feel like you are somewhere else. Not in a city for sure. If you look it from the sky, you will see buildings, a river and next to it a big green dot. That is La Venta. And that is why when you enter you feel like you have gone somewhere very far from there. You are in the jungle. There is a little path that leads you to the tour of the museum with big trees next to you. You can see animals, plants and sculptures from the Olmec civilization. One time it started to rain a lot, since I was wearing sandals I didn’t want to step on mud but I didn’t had to do nothing, the trees protect me from the rain. I stood and listened to the rain, how thousands of drops were falling non stop above me, but the leaves were my umbrella. I was glad I was there at that exact time.

La Venta Museum
La Venta Museum

Another cool city to go is downtown. It used to be ugly but nowadays it was remodel (a miracle from God and not from the government if I can say). Now it is a beautiful place to chill, see the families, laugh and dance.

Downtown Villahermosa
Downtown Villahermosa

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