You have to wander in a path with mountains and small road to get there. You will see cactus, sand and green -yes, a lot of green- while you go up and down so you can arrive to the final destination… Xilitla.

One day -long time ago- my sister read in a magazine a list of all the places you have to go in Mexico, Xilitla was one of them. What grab my attention was -of course- those deranged paintings captured in cement in a place inside San Luis Potosí. A rich english man named Edward James gave Mexico a surreal village inward the jungle. This man was a painter that love surrealist art and when he arrived to the mexican jungle, he fell in love and decided to paint there, but he didn’t use a brush. So, without further research, Xilitla became for a couple of years the place I SHOULD visit. And when I did, I loved it. We went in two cars, ten persons (too many for me, but at the end a good group) and a tent, very big, big enough to cover ten fools eager to travel. We didn’t plan it too much, we just went there and arrived to a starry sky, a paved road, the sound of the water at our backs and the soft grass to put our heads and rest. When I entered to the surreal village, I couldn’t stare just to one specific point, I had to see it all, and there are tons of things to see. From nature to that ode to drugs of town that they built. Enter to Xilitla is like enter for a moment to a bizarre dream, to a movie, to a Dalí’s painting. It is to climb a stairway to the sky and never go down.


We decided to know more and we went to the Tamul waterfalls, with the intention of waking up early and see the Cave of Swallows. The road was all dirt, the cars ended all cover in dust but we made it there. At the river flow you saw many guys in canoes. We “rented” one (I don’t remember the name of the guy but let’s called him José, he was funny even though he kind of called me fat). 


José was at the back of the canoe and we all took turns to help him and row. Other persons that were strangers passed us in other canoes and we made a water war, it was a cool haul, with laughs. We arrived to the waterfall, you cannot go to close but it is damn worth to see if you made it all the way to there. The waterfall is grand, 105 meters tall and it has rocks everywhere and it is green, green, green. I sat on a rock and stayed some minutes watching it from the distance. I heard how the water was going down and suddenly José told us to go back. Now, the best part of that “pirate” trip: while we were rowing back we saw how other people were jumping off the canoe and start swimming. Everybody in my canoe did that, except me and two more people so we help José. And I am glad I didn’t jump! Because we arrived faster. Where? I don’t even know what it was (It looked like a cenote), it was a cave with sky blue/turquoise water on it. Beautiful. Nobody was swimming there when I arrived. It was alone. Waiting for me. And I jumped. It was about one minute the time I could enjoy it by myself. Just me swimming inside a cave in the middle of nothing. And I felt peace.

Tamul waterfalls
Tamul waterfalls

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