Seoul burns

I went to Seoul as an exchange program, it was going to be just four months but I like it so much that I move heaven and earth to make it longer. So I stayed another semester. It is being a while that I believe that everything happens for a reason, I never thought I was going to end in South Korea but I did and I loved it. I already mention how I get there and my first day in the country (in a city named Suwon), now it is the turn to Seoul. And Seoul, well, Seoul is different. 

If I had a word to describe Seoul it would be Light because it is always shinning. The sky if never dark, the same lights from the city do not let it to get dark, and that is why it is weird to see stars… a night without stars is not nice, but I used to say that the stars were those lights from the city. Yes, in Seoul, the stars are below and the sky is always burning. 

And as you can see it is not only full of life, also buildings and a lot of people. Sometimes I went for a walk and just the fact of always being surrounded by personas coming and going so fast, it got you tired. It is a city with many movement, with so much life. 

And there is the Han river. There, dividing the city and separating the north from the south. It has bridges that unite those points and get you closer… I used to run there, just above it. And I didn’t watch what it was in front of me… I always had to look at the river. And when I crossed it I could see it all, feel it all… I could see Seoul’s sky burning. 


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