Seoul, my first WOW and some references to Mexico.

Seoul is a small city and at the same time it is huge. The first time I went to the city it was for a day trip from Suwon. Two days after I was going to definitely move to Seoul. Anyway, we went in bus, one hour drive and during all that time the only thing I could see were buildings. Here in Mexico in one hour driving from city to city -depending where exactly you are- you will see cows eating grass in some ranch lost in the highway. But not in South Korea, you don’t see cows, you see buildings, really big ones that keep you from seeing more, appreciate more… and even though there is not much green land, they have other stuff that will get a “wow” out of you. Like me, on that first day in the South Korean capital, walking through the streets of Gangnam (The now so popular gangnam), seeing all these people dodging each other, going a mile per minute leaving only the sound of distant heels. Yes, that day would be my first palpable experience in one of the most amazing cities that I have ever set foot. I remember it was that time of day in which the sun is getting but not yet completely hidden, it is only playing with you. That time of day in which everything looks cleaner and more beautiful, with a pure velcro which makes you want to dance. And it was at that time of day when I first saw the building I liked the most in the whole city. One wedged between other buildings that make you lose it for a moment, and finding it again is to play with a map marked with an X. But the search is worth it … especially at that time of day.

One time, in a questionary there was a question of “What is your favorite building?”, I said that one. The one of Seoul that dances.

GT tower eastGT tower east Seoul

And that day continue, and we kept walking. The sun stopped to play and got hidden completely. We went into a korean bbq restaurant (my first one). We sat on the floor in front of these tables with and oven in the middle, we order meat and we cooked it ourself. The waiter put plates, and plates and more plates in our table with weird things that we hadn’t order; kimchi, lettuce, and some more stuff. When the meat was ready you wrap it in the lettuce, you put a red sauce on it and voila!, you can eat it. Those, for me, were korean tacos and I think that all of the time I was in South Korea, that was my favorite food. The one I made myself and wrapped in lettuce. My tacos without tortilla.

Korean bbq
Korean bbq

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