The moments where the time stood still.

I will talk about the places I’ve been, but not now. At least not in its entirety or in great detail. I’ve decided that today I will talk about those moments where I was in an unfamiliar place and I felt my heart stop with time. And something special made ​​me sigh.

In South Korea happened as I ran, because while running the best things can happen. It was in the Nike six miles race “We Run Seoul”. Just at the moment I crossed the bridge, I was missing maybe four kilometers to finish. I had never run six miles and my feet already felt heavy But the moment I saw the sun hiding in buildings and reflecting on the Han River I forgot my feet and I was running around surrounded by a sea of ​​people with the same shirt. And for a moment it was just me, flying by the Han River.

Two other moments happened in Thailand. The first was near Bangkok, the day after we arrived in the country. We took a tour. One of those that they take you to many places. The last place we went was to ride elephants. It was in a small town where we also ate our first Thai food. That day I learned to say hello in Thai (“Sawadika”), then as I sat in this beautiful animal, we were passing this lovely family village with mountains as background and the sound of the river flowing in the distance …

I saw a boy helping his dad in the small rice field behind a house and when he saw us in the elephants, he ran towards us. I shouted to him “Sawadika!!” and he raised his hand greeting at me with a smile and yelled “Sawadika!!”. At that point my heart skipped.

The other moment was in Krabi. We rented three motorcycle and we went two persons in each. I drove over one with my cousin at the back. I had never driven a motorcycle (but that’s another story). This magnificent moment was on the way to the beach, we were driving on the road and had mountain after mountain after mountain and the sun was getting in and it was giving the sky a pink color. Of those ones when you feel that you are cover by a blanket. That view, the adrenaline of being there, the wind and the speed was a perfect blend.

Por si mi prima se molesta si subo una foto de ella mejor la borro. ja!

And finally two moments where I felt like it was when I first saw Machu Picchu and when I saw the Taj Mahal. The last one was on my Bucket list for a long time and always thought I was going to be there when I get old. Before seeing the Taj Mahal there is a portal and a huge arched entrance. As you approach you can see in the distance the white building and its beauty. The course in which you pass it and you finally see the Taj Mahal completely, that moment, you forget to breathe.


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