Tokyo Blues – Haruki Murakami

I’ve been to Tokyo only in books. I have walked along with Murakami and Japanese characters these crowded streets. And I loved it. I finished reading Tokyo Blues and again I find myself not knowing how to describe it. It is good, of course. But it takes a more concise adjective. Something with more “feeling”. More Rock & Roll.

For starters, I do not think it’s a love story. There is love, yes, but also a lot of death and a lot of madness. The madness that we all fear and maybe some of us need a little. Naoko and Midori. Well, I will not say the plot, because I could miss myself in it and the characters. You see, in Tokyo Blues, all the characters call you and you stay with them. And its luster hooked you and they become real. So, for a moment, you feel that fiction becomes reality. And that’s dynamite.

I do not know how to describe it-specifically-because it has a lot of emotions in it. From a serene peace to an emptiness that permeates you. But, I think, in general, and what makes Tokyo Blues a great book is that it reflects the fragility of human beings and this leaves you with a sigh while giving you a push towards the exit. Into the future.

Tokio Blues de Haruki Murakami


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