What I felt when I saw Machu Picchu

Yes, and I suddenly write about Peru… I thing that I have skipped a good part of my life, that my blog has no structure and that I will keep on breaking the inexistent rules of what I should do here. Today, I will talk about Machu Picchu. Because suddenly I have this mad desire to talk about it … well, updating my profile from couchsurf it came this question: What is the most amazing thing you’ve done/seen? and after thinking and pondering a bit, Machu Picchu settled into my brain and took me back to that time when I saw it.

I had long time since I wanted to go but I never thought it would be what it was, that it was going to made ​​me feel like I felt. And that trip out of the sleeve was worth much more than I already thought. I entered and there was mist covering everything, but from time to time it cleared, and without the mist, or even with her, everything was beautiful. And yes, without more, Machu Picchu is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. It felt strange being there, but good strange. I felt like I did not exist. It was so beautiful, so magnificent, that I felt invisible.

Machu Picchu


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