Everything starts with a wedding and alcohol… My first days in Europe. CZECH REPUBLIC.

Villahermosa-Mexico City-Madrid-Rome-Prague-Ostrava -Novy Jicin. That was the journey to the perfect reunion and a wedding full of love, food and alcohol. It began on a tuesday and I arrive to the final destination on a friday, after taking planes, trains and car rides. I arrived without expecting anything and I left from there with the desire of coming back. I met Dasha in Seoul and when we said goodbye (summer of 2012) she invited me to her wedding. I made a promise and I take my promises very serious. So, I went to Europe and I went ready to keep moving. I really loved my experience in Czech Republic, it was beyond my imagination of what it could be. I am really honest when I say Czech Republic is AWE-SO-ME!!! Really, the people, the food, the alcohol, give me that combo and you have my heart for life! And Czech Republic perfected that combo.

I stayed at the groom’s home and the moment I sat foot on that house I felt part of it. The family welcomed us so amazingly that we never felt like a hindrance, quite the contrary. I don’t really think many people know about Czech Republic. Sure, it is a touristic place (A lot of people had gone to Prague) but CR is more than that. I mean, all the countries have their “something” distinctive that make others to have and idea of it or what you might find there. Clichés, perhaps, but it is something that make them memorable (like, Mexico equals taco, or Netherlands equals weed… things like that). Anyway, I don’t think I ever heard something about CR beside the capital city, that it is pretty but besides that nothing. And now I can tell you a characteristic of Czech Republic, they love to drink, really, they do. Everyday they were enjoying some beer, or slivovice (a strong thing, stronger than tequila). I found out that it was one of the countries with most beer consumption and while I was there for some days living with a czech family… well, I am not surprised they have that title.

The day of the wedding we woke up at seven in the morning and at eight we were ready to go and have some breakfast. All the family of the groom was there; parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmother… everybody. And they started drinking slivovice shots. We ate gulash till we were stuffed and we drank a shot before departing in a bus to Dasha’s house, the bride. All HER family was there. It is a tradition that the groom ask for the hand. Two more shots and it wasn’t even eleven. After that, we went to the ceremony. The guests in a private bus, the groom in a Rolls-Royce and the bride with his father in a hardcore motorbike listening to AC/DC.

We went to a little castle where the ceremony was going to be held. It wasn’t a religious one. It was at the garden, there weren’t much chairs so we were standing but it was cool because it didn’t take long. The cello and the violin were playing while the groom walked with his mother and after that a loud sound was heard. The bride arrived in the motorbike and the “Highway to hell” was playing with her. It was awesome!

We all laughed. They gave their votes, they signed and at the end they throw white pigeons. We went to Dasha’s restaurant to the reception and lunch. It was czech food and it was so delicious we just kept eating even though we were so full. After a break, the band started playing and more guests arrived. There was a big pork cooking outside. The most delicious pork I have ever eat. Or at least in my top 3.  It turned out that a lot of people actually spoke spanish and it was fun to talk spanish there. The party ended very late, we went home before that; around two. We danced, we drank, we talked. We ate and we drank again. Yeah, it was a really good wedding.


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