In and out; Paris.

Paris is more beautiful in movies. Everybody that I met while traveling told me the same; Paris is not what they expected. This city cause me conflict, I want to love it but at the same time I just want to get the hell out of there. The price influences a lot, I admit it, because it is very expensive, but there is also something that befog it. We did everything there is to do in Paris (except kissing someone under the Eiffel tower unfortunately), we saw what it has to be seen and met people we had to met, but the magic that appears in every movie and book was not there. Perhaps we weren’t lucky and the magic was resting. It has beautiful things, of course, like the Sacred Heart that stands at the top (but the view from there is not so wonderful when there is fog, which we think was due to contamination) and the Eiffel Tower from a distance can amaze you.

We walked a lot, at the end of the night when we went for dinner with our friend Estelle (we met in Seoul) we were exhausted. We walked the whole day through the touristic places and didn’t took the subway just to return to the hotel. The subway in Paris is so fucking expensive. We saw the Arch of Triumph, the Louvre and Notre Dame (we even got to listen a bit of the mass), we saw as well the Pont des Arts and listen a guy with a guitar that was playing there. We also saw Hôtel de Ville which is the building housing the city’s local administration. It is really fancy and we were saying that that Hotel looked really expensive and that it has a lot of rooms. We also walked beside the Seine and I sang “La Vie en Rose” (I mumble it) with a musician that was in the street. We have and awesome dinner (quite expensive but really good) and we had a croissant for breakfast with our other parisian friend.

I mean Paris is a beautiful city and if you have money it really opens to you and it is easier to be there, but it can be a burden just trying to find a place to stay. We thought it was really expensive and we just weren’t prepare for it. We slept one night with a couchsurf couple that were really nice, they showed us Montmartre, took us to a cool place to have dinner (cheese, ham and wine), we saw The Café des 2 Moulins, the one of the movie Amelie and we saw the Eiffel tower with lights. I wanted to see the cemeteries but we didn’t had much time. We also took a walk around an area where there are many shops for man and they said that a lot of gay man live there. I don’t remember how it is called. They told us to go there. We bought macarrons and ate them. We also ate a Nutella crepe.

Parisian street
Parisian street

Some thing I have to say is that everybody in the internet and just everybody often says that Parisians are really mean and stuff, and I don’t think I ever felt that in Paris. Not when I was young and not this time, so in that department I do not complain. They were really nice to me, I asked questions and they answered them. They tried to help us and were friendly with us. That’s it, I just think I had to say that.


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