Krakow is a must

Krakow was a city that I didn’t expect I was going to like that much. At first it welcomed us with darkness and a rain that made us think that it was not a great idea to stayed there… but when the sun came out we saw Krakow’s light. We wanted to go just for one night and keep moving to Budapest but at the end we crossed Hungary from our list and we stayed in Poland (so we could saved some bucks and rest for a while). So, we booked two more nights at Panda hostel (a hostel with insanely big bug beds!) and we went for a walk. Actually, we went to do laundry because we need one urgently. And there, we could plan our next move. We wait for our clothes, eat a Kebab (which are really popular in Krakow) and walk a little bit nearby the laundry store. After that, we went back to the hostel and meet up with Lea in downtown. While we were going there we saw a glance of the Castle and we saw the movement in the streets.

Lea and her friend told us about this touristic place we could go for a chat and nice drinks. We went to Wedel chocolate Lounge (a really pretty restaurant). The speciality is the chocolate. We drank it. And I must say it was weird to drink so much chocolate (even though I LOVE chocolate) but it was really good, when we finished it Mari and me felt a little dizzy and our cheeks were red. It was like we just drank three/four beers and we were about to be drunk. Too much sugar I guess. It wasn’t cheap but Poland is not an expensive city so I didn’t find it ridiculously expensive. We said goodbye and we waited for Sylwia, our friend that we met in South Korea.

It was cool to met her, she took us to a “very polish” restaurant. It was really a “very polish” one. We loved it. She explained us about the Polish culture and their traditions. I liked to talk with her, you can see she love her country. She also order typical polish food and everything was really good. Sausage, dumplings, and more. We also had three different polish craft beer and two deserts. We were full but we loved everything. She also told us what we could do the next day. She practically made us the tour of where to go in Krakow, coming from a local it was really awesome because she knows the best spots.

So, next day we did that. We follow Sylwia’s route. First stop, the Wawel Castle and we walk to see the famous dragon. After that we kept walking till we reach the main plaza (one of the most beautiful ones in the whole trip; big and with so much light). We walk through a park with a tunnel with big trees and we arrived to the jew neighborhood; Kazimierz (near our hostel). We ate a lody (a popular ice-cream from there), we crossed a bridge and we arrived to the Schindler’s factory (a really cool museum). We ended in the plaza in front of our hostel eating a Zapienkanka of Endzior (which according to Sylwia, those are the best ones). After all that walking we slept really well (watching the huge and disgusting bed bugs almost eating a poor Chinese girl in the bunk bed next to us) and that was it, next day we were ready to take the ten hours bus to Prague.



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