Novy Jicin, Czech Republic and surroundings

Ok, I suck at names in other language… so I don’t really remember where we went exactly when we were at Novy Jicin. I know there were places not that far from there but that’s it. Anyhow……

After the wedding, our newlyweds took us to some cool touristic places close to Novy Jicin. The first day we went to a viewer. It was like an old wooden tower, at the top it was dark and kind of scary but then you pass through a little door and you have the view and you could see the beauty of Czech from there. It was perfect, the sun was going down so the light was at its finest and we had good company. After it, we went to a restaurant and we order beer, of course, some Kofola too (czech soda)  and Stramberk ears (kind of cookies). And we listen to this really cool music band that went in a fountain to keep playing.

The next day I woke up early to have a little run around the neighborhood and later they took us to the Moravian mountains. We didn’t hike, we took the cableway and we arrived quickly. We had dinner there, I order some really nice czech dish and beer. The restaurant was on the top of the mountain and I felt like Heidi. It was a pretty restaurant. We walk a little to a big statue of the God Radegast. The view from there was also beautiful.

After that we went to Dasha’s house and took more beer. This one was homemade. We also drank more slivovice. A friend of mine got a little drunk. At the next day we woke up really early to take the train to our next destination: Poland.


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