The perks of being a Wallflower . Stephen Chbosky

The second book I read during the Euro trip I started it at Milan and ended it in Florence. “The perks of being a wallflower” of Stephen Chbosky is a sad book. I read it quite fast, it is easy to read and I al ready knew what happen since I had watched the movie before. Have I like it? yes. Do I love it? No. When I say it is a sad book, I don’t think that is bad or that the story is sad. It goes beyond that. The book is actually some letters from a teenager that writes to a friend (us), about his life and what he feels while he is having an evolution. It is not just a diary (although some times it feels like it is) but it is an introspection to himself (past and present). When I say it is sad, it is because of the way he describe the persons that are beside him and you realize (at least that happen to me while reading it) that most of the people will get stuck with a life that they are not happy with but that they cannot change it because they let the time to crush them, and that there are a few that fight against it and can breathe better. It is also about the obstacles life put you and not everybody can jump them. And you start thinking that life is like that. That those persons do exist and that it might be you. And that is sad.


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