Florence’s sunset

Florence is one of the most known city in Italy. I had al ready gone there, many years ago. I remembered I liked it, but having such a beautiful little city, really… whats not to like?

This time, I went to Florence in a different style; the poor one. Since we didn’t have enough money, and no couchsurf from there responded, we booked a place at a campsite. It was a field about twenty minutes by foot from the center (but it is on the top of a hill so it can be really tiring, specially with huge backpacks). It has tents made of canvas that you can actually lock. It was kind of cool. But you couldn’t stay there during the afternoon because the heat is unbearable since it permeates all that room and suffocates you. The bus stop to get there is “Michelangelo”, it is the last one and before reaching the campsite you must go through a viewpoint. The view from there is beautiful, especially at sunset. The first day in Florence (we arrived in the afternoon) we just spent it there, on the view watching the tourists doing the same as us and a group of Filipino dancing pop. We talked with them since Mari is Filipino-American and she got to practice her tagalog. They were really nice and friendly.

On the next day, we went to see Florence. We did everything you had to do as a tourist, we walked to the Old Bridge so then we could get to Piazza della Signoria and see the “David”. Snap snap, you could hear the cameras.

After walking for a while we ended up eating pasta and pizza at a tinny restaurant in one alley of the city. Later we bought a gelato (our first gelato in Italy) and I also bought a used book. We ate the gelato in front of the Duomo and we stayed there, looking at that giant piece of architecture and watching the people going by. We arrived to the plaza near our hostel; piazza Michelangelo. And we saw the sunset again from that spot. Double check.

The next day (we stayed in Florence four nights since the campsite was cheap), we investigated how to go to Rome, buy the tickets and we booked the best place to stay there. We also booked a tour to Pisa and Cinque Terre for the next day. We payed with my credit card and we fucked it up, because the internet was shitty and stuff… we end up booking the tour twice and it got charged to my card. I went crazy. Really, I freaked out. We had to go to the office to solve the problem. When we arrived there, the office was closed. I went mad. I was pure madness. We called the phone number we saw at the office and they told us it wasn’t a problem. They were going to fix it, they told us that happened often. I relaxed, I apologized to Mari for my momentary frenzy and we went to eat. That night we ate a Kebab.

We woke up really early to arrive at seven to the train station; the tour’s meeting point. We could see Florence waking up. We saw man fishing, persons coming back from the party and couples kissing while the sun was going up. And we left Florence (for a day) to go to La Spezia.

We came back at night, we had kebab. Mari said those were the best kebabs in all Europe. I agreed. We headed to the hostel to get ready and pack our things. The next day we were going to take a train to Rome. That night rained a lot, it was loud at the tent, so much noise from the rain drops, but we slept fine; Europe was coming to an end.

Oh! and yes, Florence was the place where we ate the best gelato!


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