Lyon, a good option in France

After Paris, we found a bus from Eurolines line for € 18 to Lyon, so we took it to meet with three friends who live there. The only reason I wanted to go was to meet them. The bus was more time consuming than the train but way cheaper. And Lyon was a pleasant surprise.

Lyon wasn’t tourism for me, it was comfortable, it was friends. And they were four days to relax and not thinking in euros and shits like that. We arrived in the early morning because the driver got lost and it took us more time to get there. That night we only had a few beers while eating cheese and bread in the apartment of our French friend, Greg (our savior) and we slept at his place. The next day we waited for another friend Clementew and he took us to the city. Comparing it to Paris, Lyon is less famous but more open and cleaner.

It has the air of European sophistication but combined with modernity. It has green areas beside the river, perfect for a picnic or eat in a restaurant by the dock. That day we walked a lot, but we didn’t even felt it, everything was cool and chill that the time just passed by. We saw churches, the popular streets, and a pretty nice view from the top of the city. After that we went to a party at my friend’s place (where we were staying), at the beginning it was kind of awkward since almost nobody spoke english and I didn’t feel comfortable speaking my poor french but with beers and time everything got better and words started to flow.  Music change into a hip hop that make you move your head. We played beer pong, I lost at beer pong and I talked about music, movies, the so feared future and life itself… And I realized we were going through the same, no matter what country you are. At this age we are all looking for something. Anyway, the next day we went to eat at my friend friend’s house and after we went for a walk an reach a small park with a great view of the city. After that we headed to a bar of many beer flavors and drank with another friend from Korea, “Woody”.

We decided to change the place and the night began. A shot bar, then a bar on a boat and I ended sleeping in the carpet of my friend friend’s apartment waiting for the time the metro would start again (I always ended up the night sleeping before I have to, specially when I drink some alcohol).

The next day we said goodbye to Greg and went to the house of our second savior in Lyon; Clementew. And we rested. We took one more day there to think in our next step. Italy… but, Which city? We googled, we sent hundreds of coushsurf requests to all Northern Italy, and nothing. At the end we decided to take some drinks near the river, (I drank a lemonade shit that didn’t really like it) and after that we bought a bus ticket to Milan (I cursed the hour we did that).

We had a place to stayed a night in Italy, we booked two hostel beds, we just had to wait for the night because the bus was leaving next day at 11pm. So, our last day in Lyon we went to a park near the city, it was  a chill day, the kind of day we needed. We also got to buy some cookies and stuff in a supermarket, I bought a huge Nutella jar that had a promotion, It cost me 3 euros, (the best spend 3 euros ever). And with that, we said goodbye of Lyon with two kisses and slowly we approach the ghost city called Milan.


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