Milan; the ghost city.

I bet there are tons of people that love Milan, but there must be some who prefer to skip it. I am the kind of person  that would rather prefer to choose another destination. Milan left me a bad taste in my mouth since the moment we got to the hostel and the guy started talking to us:

-Why did you came here?- he asked.

-We are traveling.- we answered.

-Yeah, but Milan is a ghost city, there’s only shopping.-he said.

Great motivation! We asked him to show us where we could go (we had a map), he circle some streets. He point at one.

-Here you can find the Duomo- he said.

-and these ones?- we asked pointing the other streets he circle.

-For shopping.

Perfect, we had no money and we fell -without imagining it- into a ghost city that is known for the fashion instead of…something else. We decided to investigate about Milan and we found web pages telling us that we should avoid this city. Too late, the damage was done… and it lasted two nights since we had to figured out where to go next. We walked through the streets, of course, but most of them are streets full of clothing stores. Another bad experience there was the food; we ate at our first real Italian restaurant of that trip (recommended by the same guy from the hostel, that we later thought he was getting paid to screw us), the food was horrible, I had better Italian food at my unknown hometown in Mexico, really… definitely Milan didn’t like us and neither did we.

BUT, I must say that Milan has a cool place. One I liked; the Duomo. It is actually pretty rad. That area in general is nice and interesting.


At night we ate bread with the Nutella we bought in Lyon for only € 3, the largest bottle. That was the best investment of the trip (our pride and joy) and I think it was the best meal we had in Milan. We dedicated one day to wander around this city, downtown and surroundings, we walked a lot there and -as I said before- it disappointed us. We spent another day researching another italian city we could go and the best means of transport to do so, also to see the progress of our couchsurf requests willing to host us in nearness cities, everybody that replied turned us down. At the end we had to take the regional train to the beautiful Florence. And we said goodbye to Milan (A goodbye that is probably NOT a see you later).


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