Pisa and the cemetery

We took a tour with “Italy on a budget” that would take us on a day trip to Pisa and Cinque Terre, it hurted our pockets a little but the price was the cheapest we could find. And the first stop, less than an hour by train from Florence, was Pisa. Best known for its leaning tower. We arrived and got 90 minutes in the square. And 90 minutes without much money is a lot because to get in to most things there, (except the cathedral) you have to pay and it isn’t cheap. So that limits us to JUST take photos on the outside (most people do that). But as I like cemeteries I did paid € 5 to get in. If you go early in the morning the place isn’t full with people and it is easier to take pictures without having a person behind it making a strange pose. Later you got to see people everywhere raising their arms and posing. There was a mass in the cathedral so they closed it for that moment.

Pisa square
Pisa square
Pisa, leaning tower.
Pisa, leaning tower.

I thought it was going to be different. At first I said “shit, I paid for this,” but I started walking and I relaxed a little and I began to feel cold; a fresh breeze of marble flavored that ran into your skin. The cemetery is basically a white box with the dead ones on the floor, you walk over them. And each has a different tomb carved in marble. There are also paintings on the walls but most of them are damaged because there was a bomb attack in World War ll. They are in a restoration process.

Marble at the Pisa ancient cemetery
Marble tomb at the Pisa ancient cemetery

But, after walking a little bit around it, you started to get this weird-cool feeling. You feel this serenity that embraces you, you feel peace…

And you forget about the 5 euros you spent.

Serenity out of focus
Serenity out of focus. Cemetery.

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