Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a route of northern Italy with five small towns. It is famous for his beauty. The blue sea that touches the sky and little houses in the Italian hills with clothes drying on the windows make it unique. We did not go to the five lands but we were able to appreciate the same. First we stopped at Riomaggiore to eat. Cheese, salami, bread and wine, all made in the region. It was in a restaurant overlooking the sea. The train we should had taken to go to our second town was canceled, (according to our tour guide regional trains in Italy tends to do that). So we had one more hour in Riomaggiore and we spent it walking in the small town full of narrows alleys and stairs, and we arrived to the part where the old italians tan and young ones swim. You saw people eating gelato and women in the apartments windows hanging their clothes. You could also looked at fishing boats parking next to the water and you could feel the sun in your skin.

After Riomaggiore we took the train to Manarola. There are more of those little buildings in a hill; houses built by men in a place where nature talks with God. It is witty and beautiful at the same time, and on top of that you have the ocean in a degraded blue.

Finally, we went to Vernazza and we could swim in there. As soon as I got to the sea I stopped feeling the sanded floor below me and all the worries about what was going to happen after, in Rome, just vanished. I was so happy, as happy as I am when I am swimming. But that time, at Cinque Terre, I felt like flying.

Before taking the train back to Florence we bought a gelato. At the train we sat with the tour guide named Alex and another girl from the tour; Maddie. She used to be a clown, and I thought that was an interesting fact of a person. She also was in a plane accident. Alex speaks a lot of language because he came from a very international family. They were cool and I enjoyed talking with them even tough I was freezing in the train and I was all wet from swimming. One more night in Florence and after that; Rome.


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