Couchsurfing, the way to travel.

Couchsurf was the thing that saved me while traveling ten days in Europe by my own. Without it I wouldn’t have die but I would have suffer financially. Travel alone has its advantages but sometimes you need to talk to someone and feel a presence besides you. I think traveling around with a backpack in your bag is not for everyone… I sometimes believe I am not made for that for other times I feel it is all that I need. Anyway… I traveled around Europe for five weeks. Enough to ruin my savings. The last ten days I spent them alone but not completely because I had the luck to find hostages with the couchsurf page.

This great idea of giving and having a home everywhere in the world was the thing that kept me going. The project is brilliant, you can offer your house to some traveler that request for a place to stay and, if you can, you can host him. You can also have the same option when you are the traveler. It is traveling in a cheap way but the best part of the project is that it allows you to know a place in a different way, not just touristic way because now you are with a local and he/she shows you the culture and places you wouldn’t go if it weren’t for him/her.

Of the nine night there I just have to pay for 3 nights at a hostel and the other six nights I spent them with couchsurfers. The journey this time was: Rome-Napoli (one night)-Eboli (three nights)-Napoli (one night) – Rome (Four nights). And with couchsurf I got to save some money and also to know more of Italy.


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