Naples gets mad

I wanted to go to Naples just for one night but since I couldn’t get to see much of the city the first day because I went to Pompei, so I decided to go back before heading to Rome. Naples has quite a reputation, you google it and everybody says how dangerous it is and not that pretty. For me it was ok, I like it. I walked the streets of the city during day and night and nothing happen, I was safe. But a lot of locals told me to be careful. It was kind of funny that I asked them for directions and I guess they thought I was distracted or something and they started to give me tips and indicating me the safer streets. One man shouted at me ATTENZIONE! ATTENZIONE! (attention! attention!) he scared me a little, he told me to put attention. And I thought, “jesus man, chill, everything will be just fine”. I never really felt that unsafe that a man had to shouted me like a maniac.

I think there is chaos in Naples but you get used to it because its chaos is part of it . Naples is kind of dark with alleys and sellers that make the city to look more Italian. They say that northern Italy is “Europe” but the south, the south is Italy. The further south I got was at Eboli but just at Naples you can see a big change from the north to the south of the country. And sometimes the changes are good. The appeal of Naples is his personality… and his football. I made the mistake of wearing the Juventus T-shirt in Naples, since that was the  only clean cloth left. I never saw more offended and angry men in my life man, and they were mad at me. His eyes were on fire. They wanted to hit me, I know. Occasionally someone passed by me and smiled saying “brava” (cool)  but most men were watching me with crazy eyes. Insane. One man shouted at me NAPOLI! NAPOLI! looking at my shirt. Some guys told me something but I did not listen and went away. A group of old man start mumble while I passed next to them so I turn and say “Hey, something wrong?” They asked me why did I had that shirt on. I answered that I didn’t have more clean clothes (which was true). They laughed and told me “In Napoli you wear the Napoli shirt, in the Torino you wear the Juventus shirt and in Milan, the Milan one” I told them I would buy one. One block over I saw a whole Naples store and I decided to buy it, the fake one of course, also the one of Juventus was a fake. I went back to the old man group and showed them my new purchase and they all laughed and clapped. They invited me for a cup of coffee. That is going to be what I remember most of Naples. And it made me see how big football is in Italy.

Naples alley
Naples alley

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