From Naples to Pompeii is not long. You get on a train that takes you in twenty minutes and it costs less than three euros. While you’re on the train you can see Vesuvius. Pompeii is an ancient city. I went there because I was so close so, why not? “It should be interesting”, I thought. And it is, of course it is … And it’s beautiful too but I didn’t appreciated it as I should had or as many others had, for many reasons … First, because that day I took an early train from Rome, arrived to Naples, I left my stuff at it and headed to Pompeii, so I was exhausted. It was the first day of the trip that I was alone and had many things in mind and the fact that  I didn’t hire a guide made ​​my way there felt flat and I did not enjoy it as should. I guess, or maybe it is not so impressive as I thought.

Pompeii is huge, before going there I had absolutely no expectation or idea of what I was going to find (I knew about the ruins but that’s all). What I found very interesting and curious is the fact that you have this ancient city, the ruins of what it was Pompeii years ago and beside it you can see the new Pompeii, the new city.  I like to see that kind of contrast so near to each other.


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