Roman holidays

The first time I went to Rome, it didn’t impress me. Quite the contrary, I found it dirty and unattractive. The only pleasant memory I had of it is having dinner for my fifteen birthday with the coliseum at the background. Nine years after that, my perception of Rome changed completely. When I went before I was way too young to actually live it… This time I lived it twice. In two different ways.

We arrived at Roma Termini and we headed to Via Galia (where our hotel was). We found a great promotion for two persons at and we took it. The hotel was pretty little, simple but nice, and it was in a good location. As soon as we left our bags in the room we went for a walk. And without even planned it, we end up walking a lot and having a sort of tour at Rome’s downtown.It was a little late but we arrived at the coliseum and we kept on walking all over the ancient city that leads you to Piazza Venezia, where there is a large white building with horses and lions; Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument (I later learned that it was used at Mussolini’s period), we walked a little more because I wanted to see the mouth of truth. On the way we saw other things… The reason I wanted to see this film was because of “Roman holiday” movie. I bought it years ago and there is a scene where Gregory Peck scares Audrey Hepburn while he was joking with her, the scene was not written in the movie but her reaction was so lovely that they decided to put it. I love Hepburn as an icon and Peck icon as an actor. And that movie, they together… It is Rome.

Anyway, we arrived to the mouth of truth but they had already closed and I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, minutes later the sky cheered me up. We were walking to the hotel and while we were on a long park we saw that the sky was welcoming us. It was like a colorful waterfall above you.

We had some dinner at a place called Mister Sandwich that was next to the hotel. And the italian guys that attended it were so damn hot! and that was a delightful sandwich. We slept with our stomach full and woke up ready for a day full of places to visit.

We started at piazza popolo and we walked it down to piazza di Spagna and after it we went to the Fontana di Trevi (where we saw a man as we proposed marriage to her partner), then we follow out path to pantheon and piazza navona for a bit and then we got lost far south the city. We decided that was it for the day and returned to the hotel and -again- had dinner at Mr. Sandwich.

The next day we woke up very early and walked beside thousands of persons to the papal audience. People trying to sell us really expensive things to get to see him. It was pure scam, we didn’t have to pay anything and we had him so close. We arrived really early so we had to wait around an hour and a half for see the Pope Francis. He went out with his popemobile greeting everyone and giving blessings. There were so many people, in his trail all over the square, children were being handed to him so he could kiss them. Somebody gave him mate (a South-american drink) and he drank it. I founded that really cool for him to do that. After that, he gave a message and six priests of different country gave the summary of it in their languages. It was long. When it was over the “Our Father” pray was sung in latin and he gave us the blessing. It ended and we all went out of it, we walked around the neighborhood and found a pretty restaurant where we eat. Mari entered the Vatican museum and I didn’t, since I had gone before. So, I went to an internet cafe and walk around Saint Peters Basilic.

Mari went out the museum and we met up nearby and bought a gelato, it was getting darker so we went back to the hotel, ate our last Sandwich and started packing. Mari left the next day back to home and she gave me a magnet of the Roman Holiday. And now my solo journey began; ten more days in Italy before taking a plane down south, to another continent; to Africa.


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