Amalfi Coast

You can see the ocean from Eboli and it was a surprise when my couchsurfs took me to swim one day. It was a 30 minutes car drive to get to the park where the sea is protected (which means it is clean). We went down to the rocky beach to leave our towels and sun bathing. I thought we were going to stayed for a little while. We would swim and that’s it. But we stayed there more than three hours.

Italians love the sun. They like to be tan and I should imagined. But, it was cool, I got to swim again. I could move my legs, swim far from the coast and try to reach Capri. I swam, sat down in the san, I swam again, I fell sleep, swam for the third time, sat waiting to dry myself, and at the end I got a terrible burn at my back. But it was worth it because I had a great day at the beach. The Amalfi coast is beautiful and it was cool to be part of the italian hobby.


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