My first impressions of Uganda

There wasn’t a cultural shock in Uganda…

If I could describe Jinja so you could know how it is without having to show you a picture I would say it is tropical and if you watched the movie “Rudo y Cursi ” (with Gael Garcia and Diego Luna ) I would say that looks like the village with banana plantation where they were discovered by “batuta” . Most of the streets are not paved and there is green everywhere you look. Tropical , yes. And the houses are big from an era that no longer exists. From when it was  a colony… These houses with European architecture of the 40’s make Jinja has more charm.

I went to the “Children’s home” to ” Arise and shine Uganda ” organization in which I am doing voluntary work and coming back from there, I had a “marriage proposal” by the man that was driven the boda boda; taxi but it’s not a car … It’s a motorcycle. And while I was in the back of the boda, going so fast, I could feel Uganda. I saw the paradise that few understand, only those who tread the country. I saw the Nile by my side with palm trees slightly stirred by a subtle breeze and I saw the dirt streets inviting me to roam around. And I smiled.


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