Roma as a local

Four more nights in Rome. Three with CouchSurf and one in a hostel near Termini. And that’s when I enjoyed Rome more because I stopped being a tourist and went on to be local. Meeting Ale was fortunate because she showed me her city in her own way. Pedaling. When I was asked at an organic restaurant in Monti, where we went for dinner, if I would like to know some parks that were near her home by bike. I said sure, how hard could it be and I also imagined myself super glamorous on a bike pedaling through Rome. The reality was that I looked everything except glamorous. My ass ached and there were two times when I thought I was going to faint. But to recap my day, and what I saw while riding the bike I told myself “it was worth it”. Not only I did exercise ( which I needed to do, desperately) but I also met corners of Rome I had ever explored except when I took a bicycle and pedaled.

The next day another couchsurf came to Ale’s home, a Brazilian. And the three of us went for a walk through the center of Rome. We went to the market, we could go to see the mouth of verite and touch it. Eat pasta and have a good strong coffee. Finding our way through tourists to the Fontana di trevi. And by night we went to a street full with bars and with young people hearing some good music that was played right there in the street. We had a beer and talked about our experiences with couchsurf. It was a nice bonding moment.

At the next day I went to the hostel near Termini station. I slept there and waited for the next morning to take the four euro bus that took me to the airport. I also saved 5 more euros so I could used them when I arrived two months later.

I had a plane to catch:



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