What I used to do every morning in Jinja, Uganda

I did some volunteer job in Jinja. In the morning I took care of the children and played with them. I also helped in the Social Media of the organization; dealing with the facebook page, taking photos and making videos to get sponsors. I also taught pre-school to the toddlers and English level 1 to some women of the staff. I enjoyed every role. 

At the begging I though taking care of the children was going to be a piece of cake, but it was hard! I ended exhausted. There were too many and they all wanted attention. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it and I had fun while doing it. The kids made me laugh, sometimes they made me mad too, but I forgot it when they made me laugh. 

Life in Jinja was quiet and the kids do added a bit of movement.

↑↑↑ The twins Kato and Waiswa ↑↑↑

↓↓↓ Emma ↓↓↓

↑↑↑ Namaswe ↑↑↑

↓↓↓ Waiswa and Bruno ↓↓↓


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