Age of Iron – J.M. Coetzee

We put the books we had each volunteer in a common place where we can read something different. I just finished Age of Iron by JM Coetzee. This book is heartbreaking, if you want a happy ending, do not read this one.

In Age of iron there is no happy ending, just an end… like life. Did I like it? I really do not know. It left me with a taste of despair. It shows you how humans become anything but human… it shows it in times of war, in times of the apartheid in South Africa. And this situation is a cancer that sweeps everything. It shows you through a letter from a dying mother to her daughter. What I liked-a lot-is the way it is written, with long and short sentences that make it to have more strength. “More Punch”, as my teacher said.

My favorite phrases from this book:

-I am dying because in my heart I do not want to live. I am dying because I want to die.

-Sightless, ignorant, I follow where the truth takes me.

-War is never what it pretends to be.

-Who am I to have voice at all?

-The times called for heroism.

-My eyes are shut, in order to see.

-If you have faith in yourself you could walk on water.

-There is not lie that does not have at its core some truth.

-I made a living from it. Giving voice to the dead.


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