Boda boda

The best way to go to a place without having to use your feet in Uganda is to take a boda boda. This is a moto-taxi. It sounds pretty innocent but it can be an adventure to ride in one. To start, a lot of the streets are of dirt and when it rain they can be full of holes and ruts. Then the bodas tends to go really fast and apparently there are no transit rules in Uganda. The rule is that there are no rules. One single person can ride a boda (two with the driver) or they can go up to four (including the driver), a boy and a goat.

Women sit with legs on the same side. I, at first when I took one preferred with legs on both sides but then decided to try as it is done here and it is not so bad. I never had an accident but I did see some of them. It’s not like I used too much bodas while I was in Uganda. Jinja is not that big city and you can go around by walking. And though they are not very expensive walking saved me money.


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