I had gorilas in Korea and Iguanas in Uganda…

The first weekend I went to Kampala I was looking for something different; Get away from the routine and hopefully to dance a little. And I did dance and enjoy. To go there we took a coaster for only 5000 shillings and two and half hours later we reached Kampala from Jinja, we said goodbye to the Nile for the night.

We stayed in a modest little hotel but with everything you need (and a good shower that I missed). We went for dinner at a restaurant; pork with vegetables and then we headed to Iguana to dance until my knee hurted. I danced and learned to dance as they dance here, “freely”. I asked a guy to teach me to dance like him because he looked so cool on the dancefloor. He smiled after I asked him that and said

“Here you just have to be free.”

Since then that’s the way I always dance, freely.

The next day, we got ready for two things: to go to the festival of Kampala and to go to the supermarket to buy things that we couldn’t find in Jinja.

After buying everything we needed and could afforded, we went to the festival. It was interesting. It’s in a long street, the main one and it was full with people having fun. There was a parade and they gave away t-shirts and necklaces. I begged to have a t-shirt, and as I am mzungu and I guess I looked cute when I beg, I got it. We took pictures and everyone wanted to be in it. It was fun walking with people and learn a little more about the culture, their food and their odors.



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