Sipi Falls, Uganda

We decided to leave Jinja. Now heading to Sipi Falls; one of the tourist attractions in Uganda and only four hours moving down the road from where we were. We went for one night, we didn’t need more (or had money for it), and from the beginning of the trip, madness led the way. We walked towards the taxi park to take the matatu that would take us to Mbale where we would take a van to Sipi. And seeing seven mzungus walking with backpack, all matatu’s drivers rushed and to try to convince us to take their vehicle. They grabbed our hand and pulled us, and we, the ” mzungus “, started to get angry. So, with these people following us and shouting, we got to the ride park and took the right matatu. They charged us 10000sh to Mbale but paid 8000sh because most times you can negotiated. That journey took three hours and we had to stopped at the middle of it to pee. We squat pee in the bush. Later, in Mbale, we took another by 9000sh to Sipi. I considered it too expensive but we had arrived, so we shut up and pay. We arrived at Crow’s nest, a hostel/campsite, where we spent the night and got a discount for volunteering. We ate there and expect to start hiking up through the waterfalls and the African bush. A group of seven joined us , and there I met a pretty cool Mexican guy and hearing the “Mexican Spanish ” when you are far from Mexico is always good. The Sipi Falls are three waterfalls of different sizes, you can choose which one you can see according to the price. We decided to make the most expensive tour, 25000sh and see the three waterfalls. What was going to be a four hours walk/hike ended being six hours with the darkness hugging us. The sun went in before us. Anyway… we started walking and from the beginning I knew it would be a bit tricky, because it was very steep and muddy. We descended slowly, carefully. We saw the waterfall, each step brought us closer to it. And we came down, we could almost touch it, the waterfall cooled us gently with the splashing water. We followed the path but now we had to go up, which made ​​it more tired but it was more stable. Less slippery. We came to a cave and recreate the lion king. Then, finally finished up and walk on the road, we went to a hotel that looked expensive and there we started again; the climb to the middle waterfall. We were surrounded by it and we entered the waterfall. Up, up, always up. We reached the top and could see everything. I could see Uganda and I could see Africa. DSC_0833 I thought that would be it. That we were going to head down there and finish the tour. But I was very wrong. With the sun chasing us and touching our heels we continue walking through a coffee plantations and then minutes after we were surrounded by corn. In six hours we were in different environments, we smelled different scents, saw different landscapes and we love it all. Absolutely everything. Finally, the sun beat us and it became dark. Very dark. Without light, rather than the moon itself. And we walked watching a sky with diamonds and chatting about everything and nothing. Walking down to our one night home. Ready for dinner, and sleep. Being lulled to sleep by the rain and the jungle. We woke up early to watch the sunrise, that opens for Africa and reaches all. Here in Uganda the sky is infinite. As it should be everywhere but it never is (or it doesn’t look like it). Maybe it’s for the purity of its air that makes it look more open. Touched by God. We had breakfast watching the Sipi Falls, we took a nice cold shower and we left the crow’s nest. Again, to Jinja.


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