Swimming in the Nile is magic!

Water is what I need to smile. When I was a kid I do not think I enjoyed it this much, now whenever I swim something in me lights up and everything else disappears. In Jinja you can see theSource of the Nile. Today I saw it and I swam in it.. At first I had this thread of mistrust, because I read too many things in the internet, specially something about this bug that lives in the shore of the rivers and gets in your skin and months later boom! you are sick. But the moment I jumped to the water, I forgot everything.

At the end of it we could take a shower looking at the Nile. It was this great showers without walls at one part, that just covers your bottom part and you had a great view of the famous river. And it was a nice shower, the best I had in Jinja, for sure! The fresh water came out from everywhere and while I was showering I could see the view everyone should see at least once… That kind of view that takes your breath away and you just want to take pictures with yours eyes so you will never forget. And well, it was also a great shower because at that moment we didn’t have water at our house. Ten persons, one toilet, no water… you can imagine the chaos.


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