The Invisible Circus – Jennifer Egan

The invisible circus came to me thanks to the fact of not having money in Europe and having to survive at the expense of CouchSurf. With this, I met a great girl and without thinking, after telling her that I had finished the books I brought to the trip, she gave me one she had. And so life gave me the debut book of Jennifer Egan and her invisible circus.

It tells about Phoebe as her life that revolves around her suicidal sister. So, in a moment of discouragement she sets out to follow the shadow of her sister and perhaps find some answers.
I have found it pretty interesting. Again, not my favorite but it is entertaining and has some moments of true luxury.

Some of the phrases I enlighten:

-“Do it first, before you get tied down. Do things you’ll tell stories about the rest of your lives”….”just take off”.
-Phoebe would feel the magic of their lives-what spectacular things awaited them.
-“Sure, you are scared. Don’t fight it, that’s the trick. Walk into your gear”.
-He was gone forever, but he was there. It felt miraculous.
-This is story, you can’t stop it.
-I want something real to happen to me. I feel like a zombie. Like I can’t wake up.
-They saw nothing but the present.
-To flee the city, the country, her life.
-Finally she was going, heading into the world.
-She felt welcomed, if not by a person, then by the city itself.
-It was good. Like falling in love.
-She found herself longing for company. This was strange, for until now being alone hadn’t felt like being alone.
-There was a coldness in his eyes, as of already he’d forgotten her.
-There is always hope.
-I was dying to escape.
-“This life is strange” “but good”.
-I don’t trust the sadness.
-Like finding each other in a dream.
-In English I am not me. In English I am colorless.
-You could taste fall on the air at night.
-Adolf Hitler built this place, and we just got stoned in it.
-She was in the world. Out there doing something real, and here I was, following the story in the fucking newspaper.
-You look back and feel like you saw it all coming, but you didn’t, that’s the thing – you never could’ve imagined it.
-Beauty is close to God. That’s why the beautiful things are so dangerous.
-Time never stopped, it only seemed to.


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