Food in Uganda

I lived in a house with several volunteers. I payed and I prepared my food. In fact, Tatiana, my Colombian friend did. I just chopped the vegetables and stuff. I was the assistant… But the fact is that I knowing what to eat in Uganda was almost a challenge because the meat they sold in the market does not caught our attention positively and buying the packaged one was very expensive. So we ate or pasta or we improvised food with vegetables. But if one day we didn’t feel like cooking, we went out and someone was selling food. The famous chapatis, rolex, the samosas and cassava,fried sticks with beef, goat, chicken, liver… some cheap stuff, my kind of stuff. And the Ugandan street food, because street food is always the best.

We sometimes bought meat steak and a chapati, we made guacamole and we wrap it and, VOILA! You have a burrito!

The Mexican guy I met in Sipi Falls, Uganda said that if you throw the seed of fruit you eat a plant fruit will grow from it. Meaning that the land in Uganda is fertile. It totally reminded me of my hometown, Tabasco. Ugandans used to asked me “Have you see a banana tree?, Have you eat cassava before?” And I mean, we have all of those stuff in Tabasco, and when I told them that yes, I also had them at home, they were shock.
The first month I had lunch at the orphanage “Arise and Shine Uganda”. It as almost always the same: posho with beans or peanut butter, or rice with this same “sauces”. But, it was so many carbs so I stopped eating it and I started bringing my own luch; fruit and a boiled egg.

Ah! And I also drank too much Coke while I was in Uganda, I do not know why but there I craved it all the time. Especially after a long walk in the sun.



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