Health fair at Kibuye Village, Uganda

In the week at Kibuye I had the opportunity to assist in a health fair in two villas located in the district of Kibuye. It was done through the efforts of Caitlin, a volunteer from AASU and USAID. There, people were given tests of AIDS and malaria, vaccines for children, medicines and even circumcisions were made​​, all for free.

So, the next day that we arrived to Kibuye, we went to the Kibuye school near Lake Shore. A really, really small town. It is basically a street with houses. No more. We went walking, a fifty minutes walking and we stopped at every little hut we saw on the way to remind the locals that the Health Fair was going to be the next day. They all waved at us and they were excited. At Lake Shore we saw the wide lake Victoria, took pictures with the locals. The kids followed us all the way and I started dancing with an old woman from the distance. I enjoyed it a lot! We went back to our hut before sunrise.

The first day of the Health Fair was the most animated one. To get there we had to do our fifty minute walk with the sun above us. They have not yet arrived and they still had to install everything, so we went to lake Shore again. People were shy but you gave them a smile or a greeting, then you got a warm response. The children saw mzungus and followed us all in all the way. We bought a chapati and stayed there for a while, when we came back we saw it was getting busy, and the kids were dancing next to a van with music. I ran to dance with them.

At the Health fair, locals arrived in their best outfits ready to get the services. It looked like a party and not a health fair. I think it was an opportunity to get out of that routine and do something new, so they dressed to go to a dance. That day, 53 circumcisions were made, discussions of family planning and safe sex methods as well.

The second day was in a distant town, an hour and twenty minute time walking between plants and dirt. But there was much more people to be served. The concept of party and dance faded a bit, but still they were in their best outfits now in rows and rows of people for tests and checkups.

That day, ended. We distributed condoms (male and female), pills, and candy for the kids. Sixty-three circumcisions were made and you could see young people heading home with a lump in the groin, arm in arm helping to walk. Everything turned out better than expected and people told us webale webale (Thank you) and they were shaking hands with us. It was a pleasure to do this.

Ese día, todo se acabó. Repartimos condones (femeninos y masculinos), pastillas, incluso dulce para loa niños. Se hicieron 63 circuncisiones y veías a los jóvenes irse de su casa con un bulto en la entrepierna, brazo con brazo ayudándose a caminar. Todo resultó mejor que esperado y la gente nos decía webale webale  dándonos la mano agradeciendo. Gracias gracias. Fue un placer.


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