Kampala, round 2

I wanted to go to Kampala for an specifically reason. Go to the premiere of the film “The Ugandan” which promised so much and gave just a little, very little. That is why I will not spend it in a post about it… I better talk about Kampala, a chaotic city. If you believed that Mexico City traffic is impossible, or people in Delhi drive like crazy, here in Kampala is-almost-suicidal. Again, the rule is that there are no rules. Walking across the street is just as dangerous through the middle of the street as crossing at the crosswalks. But, Do Kampala has its charm? Not really, but for a weekend and to learn a little of the capital of Uganda it is not bad. Also, to buy in a real supermarket. There is really no great things to do as a tourist, so we choose two and went from there with our bodas bodas as our tour guides.

First we went to the mosque of Kibuli. There we were explained some of the history of Islam in Uganda. Funny fact: An Ugandan man asked us where we were from? My german-american friend told her that she was from america, then the man asked her “How is Obama?”, I told him that I was from Mexico, he asked me “How are the horses?” (I didn’t know how to respond to that). And my canadian friend told him that she was from Canada and he asked her, “How are the hills?.” So, America equals Obama, Mexico equals horses and Canada equals hills. Interesting…

The mosque is on a hill and has one of the best views of the city. On another hill there is a Catholic church and on another there is a Protestants church and those three form a triangle.

After walking down the hill and took a boda that for 5000sh they were going to took us to the taxi park and the craft village. And in the inter they showed us other sites of interest, such as parliament, Hindu temples and downtown.

The taxi park is The Matatus Kingdom; a huge land with matatus everywhere. It is an organized chaos. It reminded me of the Lion King when Mufasa tells Simba that everything that touches the sun is hims…  Here; Everything that touches the sun are your matatus.

And after eating, watch a horrible movie, knowing the city better we said goodbye of Kampala.


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