The day I saw beauty

It was on november third when we decided to go for a walk around what we thought was the Nile and have a look at the houses that are in the area. Beautiful colonial houses, from the years when the british used to live there.

We eventually turned to another street and we went down to the dock. We were told we couldn’t go near but after a conversation with the guard he finally let us go inside, he also told us that we were looking at Victoria Lake not the Nile.

And it was beautiful. We saw fisher mans in their canoes and with their nets being thrown into the water. We saw and felt somewhat different.  Everything was in an absolute calm and you could feel a good vibe at that moment.

We saw the remains of a solar eclipse and for a moment we were nowhere. It was not Uganda, it was nothing. The name didn’t matter because what we were seeing was so beautiful that we just didn’t think more. The worries were off, we were there, looking that and feeling the calmness and that was the only thing that mattered. And the magic about that moment was also the lighting, it was different, it was light of an eclipse.

After that amazing time by the Lake Victoria we went to Indian restaurant that for20000sh you could have your main dish and all nan, rice and lentils you want (you could refilled it), so we ordered so much that we kept something for the next day.

Eclipse, Lake Victoria, delicious food, and at the end… we took a boda and while we were going at full speed we saw the sky being colored by fireworks. Perfect ending to a perfect day.


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