The meeting arranged by destiy

There have been two countries that have marked my life. Korea, more than a year now, and Uganda. Both of them, I think, have been places where the life had pushed me to them.

I never thought I was going to go to Korea, it never crossed my mind in my life, but one thing led to another and in the end the only country that I could go was this one . And I’m glad it did. Now, Uganda was always in my head. Maybe not Uganda, per se, but Africa itself. When I left high school I listed what I wanted do with my life. Do volunteer work in Africa was in it. During my college career I watch a documentary that shocked me. Too much I might say. That documentary is called “Invisible Children” and deals with the situation experienced with the LRA in Uganda and the abducted children that they made them soldiers, converting them into death. It was because of this documentary that Uganda became the Africa’s place I wanted to go. I even remember telling somebody, “before I turn 25 I’m going to Uganda to help in one or another way”. Then a childhood friend died and that made ​​me think about what life means. When I knew he die the first thing that went through my head was wondering if he had been happy and I thought that when I die I do not want people to wonder that. I thought that when I die I’d like people to say yes, life is over for her but she sure enjoyed it while living. Then, when I left college and my life and future was on a slope and I had to decide on the next step, Uganda came back to my mind and it came back strong . Very strong.

For a year I changed the way I lived, everything was about saving money for my trip and my stay in the African Pearl.

And I wrote this to remind myself why I was doing it:

I have to go because I cannot look back in regrets. I don’t want to be older and have to ask myself if I have lived the way I wanted or the way someone else wanted it. Life is now, not tomorrow. I don’t want to question myself if I am happy, I want to be sure.



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