Before going to Uganda, Kenya was not on my mind but I ended up going, first stop: The feared and famous Nairobi. As soon as I set foot in the city I saw my friend Millie, and I did not worry about anything. Because even though all the blogs and stuff I read about Nairobi and even Kenyans told me about how the city was a bit rough and with thefts, to me nothing happened and I never felt danger. Nairobi is much more advanced than Kampala. It’s coming to a city of the seventies with a very relaxed vibe. It is separated by two sections: Upper side and lower side. I -of course- spent most of it at the lower because it was what my budget could permit. But I have always believed that it is the part of town where it really shows you the culture of the country, or some of it.

My friend Tatiana and I slept in Thika, thirty minutes from Nairobi. We stayed with my friend Millie and with this we aloud ourself to see something else of Kenya. The first day, we walked through the center of the city, its buildings and my friend told us about her country and her city. We went to a market where they sold masai things and I bought a necklace. Then we ate Kenyan food and keep walking until night, we after go to a bar for a Tusker beer from Kenya.

The next day, we went to more markets, but more local, lost somewhere on the outskirts of nairobi. And after that we went by bus to the Kenyan slum. Piles of garbage and tile houses next to each other. But there’s nothing to fear, people greet you and if you return the greeting in their language they will be so happy. They actually look happy. Millie told us that although they don’t have a lot of money, they are people who are always smiling and indeed there are many families living in the slums that can easily afford something else but they prefer living there.

After that we went to have some kenyan dinner and to sleep early, the next day we were going to wake up at four am to take the bus to Nairobi and wait for the van that would after take us to Masai Mara. 


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