A stop over in Egypt

It was two days total that took me back to Mexico from Uganda. Four flights, two stop overs, one of which was Cairo. So, instead of staying locked in the airport for six hours, I decided to take a tour and see pyramids. I was told the Cairo traffic load was too risky but I did not mind because to miss the opportunity would be stupid. I do not know when I can go back to Africa, let alone Egypt, so I paid the tour that I didn’t find expensive at all and I went out to see Cairo. Exact spot: Giza.

The driver who took me there was called Mohamed, he was thirty-eight, a Muslim and he was married only once and had two girls, Telma and Hannah. He said that to me in English, the little english he knew. He taught me to say hello, thank you and goodbye in Arabic and gave me his Egyptian tea and coffee, the two were very good.

Although he was not my guide he also taught me a bit of the city as we passed by it. He stopped on a bridge so I could take pictures of the Nile River, the same river divides Giza from Cairo and has a golden island in the middle.

After that we picked the guy who was my truly guide (I didn’t like him as much as Mohamed) and we went to see the pyramids, he explained them to me and also the Ka and Ba … (I asked him). It was very interesting, he explained how the pyramids were the tombs of the kings, who preferred to use the best rocks in the pyramids in their homes because they believed that this would be his home for eternal life, so also had a room with all its belongings in it, apart from his grave.

There are three great pyramids at Giza, one larger than the other. One was from the king Grandpa, then the father and grandson. The size was in the hierarchy of age. There were also smaller pyramids belonging to wives. Due to time constraints I could not get to the largest pyramid. Instead I went to a small one… It felt weird going in there. I do not know how to explain it, I just felt something in my chest, between fear and adrenaline. I don’t know … weird.

Then we went to see the Sphinx and as we had time they took me to see an Egyptian perfumery and ended up buying two perfumes (the cheapest one).

And those were my hours outside the airport in Egypt. Traversing the city of Cairo with a hellish traffic to arrive on time and take my flight, next stop: Rome. Again.


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