Safari at the Masai Mara

They picked us at 8am and the journey from Nairobi to the Masai Mara area started. Tatiana and I searched for a good and cheap safari there and we found “Enchoro wildlife safari” a budget safari but that was luxury for us. We had three Game Drives, a super cool tent with restroom and a pretty rad shower inside, and the best; delicious food with variety. I loved it. Specially the food and the shower… After getting used to the shower we have in Jinja with just one string of water, there I got a pouring rain that covered all the body. The only problem was that -apparently- it had just two temperatures; freezing cold and almost boiling hot. From Nairobi to the camp it is a six hours ride passing trough Narok. From there, the road is dirt. We rested a little and we went to eat, and we eat like it was the first day we eat after being in a desert for months. After it, we started the safari.

You just entered the park and you see zebras, antelopes, and gnus (the ones that killed Mufasa). Then, you spent more time in the van spinning around through all the african savanna and you will see giraffes, boars, “timon” and “pumba”, oh! and also we saw buffalos. We tried to call more animals so we started singing the Lion King song and it worked, because we saw lions.

The next day, it was an intense game drive, nine/ten hours. That’s a lot of hours looking for animals. The drivers have radios where if someone finds something he tells another one and they go flying so you can see the animal. I think I had to go pee like four times on those hours at the game drive, so we told our driver and he searched for a safe I (or anyone) could go out and pee without having to worry about being attack by an animal. I think he probably thought I had a problem with retaining liquids because every time we had to stop was because of me.

That day, we saw new animals, from hippos to leopards ( and those are hard to see), giraffes and elephants family. We also saw many cheetahs and one of them was eating an antelope, that was pretty cool in my opinion. We were able to find more lions but I kept wanting to see a black rhino, we never did, sadly. That day we saw the animal crossing which was spectacular and weird to see that time of the year. We did a picnic below a three and ate our lunch, a baboon was getting closer to us while we were eating and I don’t like monkeys so I tried to hurry so we could leave.

I liked to see the giraffes running, because it’s like they run in Slow Motion and it looks so beautiful. I also liked that stunning view of the african savanna, that sky that looks like a lie, just from a theater play with cotton clouds hanging by threads. The sky looks like it is going to crush you. And it is endless. Infinite.


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