The two ways of see Rome

In Milan (the city we went by mistake) we met Marcelo. He was from Sicily and he was in our hostel bedroom, he told us he loved Rome. I had never seen a man so excited about remembering a city. He said there were two ways of knowing Rome, night and day. They were very different. So even though I was tired from the flight from Uganda-Cairo-Rome I decided to get to the hostel, wash up and see Rome at night. I met a girl at the hostel room and we went together.

We thought to go just to the Colosseum and the Fontana di Trevi, but ended up walking more… seeing more. We started, as planned, at the Coliseum. I remembered the night I was fifteen and celebrate eating pasta with this view. It looked like that moment; immense. And we walked around to see everything, check the lights and watching the people, most of them were lovers.


Then we walked towards the fountain Sylvia once called Marcelo in La Dolce Vita and to get there we had to pass by the remains of the ancient city and the monument to Victor Emmanuel.

Asking to people the way to get there, we got closer and closer to the Fontana di Trevi, so we walked to the Pantheon and then, there was no turning back… it was near. We arrived and I throw a coin to make a wish again. That night I slept heavy, I had accumulated fatigue of two days and I lay in bed, closed my eyes and walked away from Italy. I walked away from everything. I woke up and went for a walk. Aimlessly until I remembered a place that Bill Bryson described in his book “Neither here nor there” in Rome. The crypt of the Capuchin friars decorated with the bones of dead monks.

When I read it I knew that I should go, so I did. My journey was now to see those skeletons in the walls of a church and I arrived after hiding from the rain and speak with a Dominican about Mexico, and more. I had to pay five dollars to enter the museum and then to see the Capuchin crypt in which they don’t allowed you to take photos. But it was worth it because that place is creepy and spiritual at the same time. It is a strange combination and a feeling that makes you open your eyes and take a silent “wow”. It really took me a while to se everything it the museum, I saw, I read and I stopped at all, I squeezed my five euros. People passed and I continued until it ended and I went there without any direction. So, I went to the place that I enjoy most to see in Rome, the Trevi Fountain and took my last picture and threw my last coin.

I walked through places that I hadn’t pass before. I decided to go through the streets that I had not explored and my day in Rome was running out and I had to return for my things and get on a bus to Fiumicino where I expected a plane back home.


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