Neither here, nor there – Bill Bryson

I read a lot in Uganda, and every time I found new books I was really happy. The last two weeks we found at the house a pile of books and in there was Neither here, nor there by Bill Bryson. This travel book is from the experiences of the author in some of the European countries written with his humorist touch. It is not boring, it is a novel describing all his journey in every country. He made it entertaining and funny and it makes you to keep reading it. The way in which he describes the things and situations of misery are really amusing. It is like reading about Bridget Jones going on a trip. Yes, that it is! Bill Bryson is the male version of Bridget Jones when he writes about his travel around Europe. It is also interesting to see the comparison between the countries, as he did almost the same trip twenty years ago. Then he wrote what he saw now with the memories of the past. Well, if ever you traveled in Europe or you lived there, you will interact with some of the anecdotes in the book and you’ll laugh with them thinking you also lived something similar.


Éstas son algunas de las frases que subrayé:

-I had long harboured a half-formed urge to experience what life was like in such a remote and forbidding place.

-(bus) The seats  were designed by a dwarf seeking revenge on full sized people, there was no other explanation.

-He had the sort of face that makes you realize God does have a sense of humour.

-My trip had begun. I was about to see Europe again.

-One of the small marvels of my trip to Europe was the discovery that the world could be so full of variety.

-I loved the idea that you could never be sure of anything in Europe.

-It is of course hypocritical to rail against tourists when you are one yourself, but none the less you can’t escape the fact that mass tourism is ruining the very things it wants to celebrate.

-Traveling is more fun– hell, life is more fun–if you can treat it as a series of impulses.

-I know that communism never worked and I would have disliked living under it myself but none the less it seems that there was a kind of sadness in the thought that the only economic system that appeared to work was one based on self interest and greed.

-There is something about the momentum of travel that makes you want to just keep moving, to never stop.


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