My 2013

The 2013 was change and static at the same time. My life back in my -first- home; Tabasco, with my family. For three months of trying to get work and failed in the attempt, I began to make designs for very little money, but it was not too bad, I had something to distract me from the monotonous life I decided to take.

I kept going with my blog and in the mornings I went to the gym for my knee “therapy” and column which at the beginning of the year I found out that I had a problem with them. My eyes, too, and I started wearing glasses. Nothing serious but the problem was-and remains-there. I also felt the death, but in me but near me, it took a part of my family and in doing so, it joined me to her. And then it came the first trip, my breath after being without moving. Peru came.

And it was what I needed to delve into the mood I would require three months from there. Without knowing then I went to a country that I thought it was going to be great to know but not impressive. What an error to think so, because Peru is superb. That break ended and I came back to reality, back into static. Three months and Cancún came for a week to give me encouragement. The sea came, the water, the life. And I played again.

Two weeks later I would took a plane to arrived to a weeding, to friends and crossed some points in my bucket list. Yes, it came Europe and with it, it came Africa. Three months walking in unknown lands, listening different languages and seeing new faces. Tasting, laughing, dreaming. And after it, the return to Mexico. One more month in my country and with my mind in another one already. One more month thinking in my next step. In what the 2014 will bring me.

Mi 2013  


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