My experience with the 7 reasons why to travel

In the last post I wrote about an article that gives you seven reasons why you should travel, here I’ll point my experiences according to it.


I do not know if it is well defined the fact “to be a child again.” I mean, ultimately living or traveling in a different place takes you out of your own orbit and that’s the reason why you won’t act like you usually do. However, the “acting like a child” worries me. If the author meant that when you’re a kid everything is new and always find something surprising in the smallest-and even banal-you see, yes, that you will experience will traveling. Just for the simple fact that everything is new, you have to go out and expose yourself, you do not know the place, then you must ask questions, get lost a little and meet people, places and culture. Like when I was in South Korea and I had to learn to use chopsticks to eat, or when I rode an elephant. For me, it was all new and shiny… So, yes, Maybe, in a strange way you become a child.

Elefante en Tailandia

Riding an elephant in Thailand.



I’ve been there, yes, especially when I stayed for a longer time in a place. It clearly happened to me while riding a scooter in Thailand. I had to be careful not to die or kill my cousin but the mountains grabbed my attention and I turned to look carefully for maybe a second to not lose track of the road, and that second… felt eternal.


Yes, age and places have taught me that I have multiple personalities but the essence does not change. In Uganda I devoured books, I usually read but I always give my time with a book. No, there I was devouring them to continue with another. I was quiet, I cared more about the time to give to children than to the beer and my life in Uganda was very relaxed. Instead, in Korea everything was soju and hongdae. I liked to be surrounded by people and in Uganda I liked to be with myself. They were different circumstances and thus different me. It also happens when I speak english or French, there is something in me that is transformed. When I was in Italy, I felt italian. The culture infected me with passion and joy that allowed me to begin to talk with my hands and craving pasta and football. I think everyone should be given the opportunity to meet their other faces and traveling is the easier way, I believe, to do so.


I must admit that although I like to travel with friends and adore traveling with my sister, it is always good and comforting to travel on your own. I’ve been alone in South Korea, Japan, Italy and Uganda. And when I knew I was going to do it alone a feeling of liberation filled me. For it is when you’re solo when you can really do what you want, move to where you please and do and undo at your leisure. And though sometimes it is scary, soon after I forget about the fear because I find out that I can do it and that there will always be someone to help you (I ran with luck). When I was alone in Italy it was easier for me to move and get CouchSurf. I was able to think and rethink my life and follow the path right there. I didn’t had to ask anything about the next step and I could take all the decisions. You just hang your backpack and go out, you prove yourself. And you only find satisfaction.

Sola en Pompeya

Alone in Pompeii



Yes, every time I travel my suitcase goes less loaded.  I did my first trip to Europe when I was a very young and didn’t think clearly. I remember I took endless pairs of shoes, and stupid things that I never used. At Korea, I was improving but still I loaded many things and I ended up paying for an extra suitcase to United Airlines to come back to Mexico. In Japan I was a good girl! I only took a backpack and a small bag with my passport and money. At Peru, I said, “no more! I’ll pack what I need”. And so I did. I took just a backpack and a bag with my camera. I didn’t suffered. For Europe and Uganda, I took a backpacker a backpack (inside it my camera and camera bag). I thought I had a lot of things but now that I think and after seeing other travelers who began their trip and were full loading and a masterful weight, I said “Well … it was not that bad.” Because when you travel, as when you’re at home, you do not need much, just the essentials.


Before volunteering in Uganda I saw myself working for non-profit organizations, studying a master related to it and that experience made me change course. And I only realized when I left.


I do not know where I read this “To say that you that  you went to a place you should at least try their food”. I think the same… In Malaysia we toured the cities scheduling mealtimes, in Peru eating ceviche and cuy was a must, in the Czech Republic “goulash” and marinated tenderloin was my addiction. And of course in Mexico, my Mexico… I live eating.


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